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Clean Cap

Wireless bin fill-level sensor

The Clean Cap measures the bin fill-level in real-time. It can be attached to any type of bin to monitor any type of waste.

Easy to install

Attachable to any type of bin or container

Flexible bracket options for different container types

Available in both solar and battery-powered models

Robust Fill-Level Sensing

Accurate sensing with ultrasonic technology

Effective monitoring of both solid materials and liquids

Sensor settings can be configured remotely

SMART Communication System

Wireless transmission of bin fill-level and bin status information

Telecommunication through WCDMA and GSM networks

Locational information provided by GPS module

Complementary to Clean Cube

Covers areas not feasible for Clean Cube installations

Data from Clean Cap can be viewed on the same software solution that displays data from the Clean Cube

Clean City Networks (CCN)

Real-time monitoring and data management platform

CCN receives real-time data from Clean Cubes and Clean Caps to improve waste collection efficiency by informing users when and which bins need to be collected, and provides smart collection schedules with route optimization.

Robust Monitoring Function

Real-time monitoring of bin fill-level and bin status

Notifies collection staff when waste collection is required

Route optimisation for each collection

High customizability of monitoring options

Intelligent Data Analytics

Smart data for smart waste collection planning

Comprehensive collection of historical data

Data analytics reports to improve efficiency

Generates collection schedules using predictive algorithms

User-friendly User Interface

Easily accessed anywhere, anytime

Mobile application (Android/iOS, cellular phone/tablet supported)

Web-based solution with no installations required


(Battery Model)
Power Battery-powered
Size 95 x Ø96 mm
Net Weight 470 g
Battery Life Up to 10 years


(Solar Model)
Power Solar-powered
Size 57 x 76 x 106 mm
Net Weight 720 g
Battery Life Over 10 years